Los Angeles Dentist

It's time to boost your confidence with a brand new, pain-free smile.

Have you always wanted that radiant celebrity smile? Do you wish people complimented you on your beautiful teeth on a daily basis? With dentistry technologies available today, achieving your dream smile can become a reality easily and virtually pain-free. There's no reason or excuse to simply settle for the smile you were born with when you can transform it into a smile that makes you feel attractive and confident. Irina Sumenko, D.D.S, premier Los Angeles dentist, goes above and beyond merely keeping your teeth healthy. She will provide you with the beautiful smile you have always deserved and dreamed of.

Irina Sumenko, D.D.S

No Pain LA Dentist: Dr. Sumenko

Dr. Sumenko is an exceptional LA dentist who possesses a rare combination of superior technical skills and uncommonly soothing demeanor.

A superbly trained, board-certified clinician with 25 years of continuous practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Sumenko stays current in the ever-changing field of dentistry. She dedicates a substantial amount of time each year to continuing her education in order to guarantee the ultimate quality of care to her exacting Los Angeles patient population. Dr. Sumenko ranks highly in patient-satisfaction surveys. In addition to praising Dr. Sumenko's unparalleled clinical excellence, the patients frequently favorably note the following aspects of her practice:

  1. Dr. Sumenko spends significantly more time than an average dentist getting to know her patients' needs and addressing their concerns.
  2. Patients trust the solid clinical judgment that factors into Dr. Sumenko's decisions/recommendations.
  3. Dr. Sumenko is considered incredibly friendly and personable. She brings a particularly gentle touch to the practice of dentistry.
  4. Flexibility in scheduling appointments reduces the stress of the dental visits.
  5. Dr. Sumenko's office is a pleasant environment (clean, comfortable, climate-controlled, convenient location, equipped with modern technology)
  6. An overwhelming majority of patients would recommend Dr. Sumenko to their friends and family.

Personal, Pain-free Dental Care

A trip to the dentist used to be considered a painful, albeit necessary, nuisance. However, you no longer need to dread that visit! From the moment you step into Dr. Sumenko's office you will notice that her top priority is to listen to you and understand your needs and concerns. Dr. Sumenko is able to establish rapport with the most pre-sensitized and apprehensive patients. She builds genuine relationships with her patients and knows how to make you feel at ease. Nothing is more important to her than making you feel relaxed and comfortable with your visit to the dentist.

Dr. Sumenko's goal is simple—to provide you with lifelong oral health while achieving a pleasing and harmonious cosmetic effect. She accomplishes this goal by combining personalized attention with the empathetic, pain-free state-of-the-art dental care delivered in a comfortable setting.